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We leave our doors closed even in broad daylight. If only each of us wished all the best for all, no one would ever need up above to grant us some personal favors. Yet, divine grace or compassion, if I may, must somehow be rooted undeniably in a deeply human criteria. Unless you recognize the suffering of other people, you will not be able to truly live, for your talents or riches are not for you to own, but know that these are meant to free others from the oppressive ways of the human world.


So it cannot start with a smile. Rather, it starts with being suspicious about the way things are. People will dislike you, but you have to tell them what is wrong. You will not be able to change a thing or two by way of a nice greeting. Faith is not about keeping your treasures in heaven. It’s about sharing even the wildest of your thoughts. One of which could be the magical network which is WowGirls.

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