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I still remember those lovely days when I was in college. I and my friends used to flirt with the sexy babes of our college and we really were good at that. We used to get drunk every single night and watch porn till midnight and not just it, we used to masturbate all together.


It was like a competition sometimes with some certain rules and every single person enjoyed it very much. Getting drunk and watching porn was like a plague and when I first saw the ad page of College Rules site it remind me of those wild days. I couldn’t resist myself and checked out some of their sample clips. Oh man! This site is definitely a nightmare to the decent parents.

Despite the College Rules discount price, the website is actually considered a pay site and it mainly provides reality type group sex of drunken amateurs. They say that the contents are submitted by the users and each week they even award a prize for the hottest and wildest video. Who cares who submitted them I like the chicks (or sluts) who get used or abused by the boys in so many styles. If you check out some of the contents here you will get only amateurs and they really got some talent. It’s because the performers have acted very well and the cameramen really did good. In both the videos and photos you will get a lot of perfect shots. It seems like they already knew when it’s time for close up shots and when they should go for long ones.

College Rules was launched not so far ago so they may not have that much contents right now but each membership of this site includes a couple of bonus sites. It means you will get full access to all the contents from those bonus sites without any additional charge. So, you will always have something new to check out. Right now the site has only 36 episodes available and each episode comes with its own photo gallery. So, you will get 36 galleries here and each one of them contains about 350 photos. Please remember that members can only stream the videos. Yes, you heard it right and there is no download option for the videos.

All of these are full length movies and members can only stream them in an embedded player for about 40 minutes. If you are happy with only streaming and amateur performers, it is the site you may be looking for.